Summer course

Summer 2020

is coming. Choose one of my summer courses and get your Czech language to a level A1 during just 3 months.

What courses are these?

A1 červená, A1 modrá

These two courses differ just by the time when they are being held. A1 červená is happening in the evening, A1 modrá in the morning. So you can choose according to your work schedule. They both last 3 months, there is three 90 minutes long lectures per week. There is always a day between lectures, that means enough time for homeworks and homestudy. These are quite intensive courses.

A1 bílá

This course happens 2 times in a week and lasts 4,5 months. It's slower then A1 červená and A1 modrá and gives you more time for homestudy. Also it is a variant which in total costs same as courses above but if you choose to pay monthly, it is less money at a single time. This course is slower and more comfortable when you need more practice.

A1 opakování

If you have been already homestudying or you have attended some other A1 course this one is for you. It is only one month lasting course for those who want to practise already gained knowledge which is needed for state A1 permanent residency examination. The whole month is structured to evenly practice speaking, reading, writing and typical tasks that may occur in state exam. After this course you will easily pass the A1 exam.


What study materials are used during course? Are they included in the price? I'm using popular schoolbooks Česky krok za krokem accompanied by exercise book. I also frequently use my own exercises and handouts. Schoolbook and exercise book you have to buy on your own, see Main page for info on where are they available. Materials made by me are included in the price.

How many people are in one group? There is 8 seats in my classroom, some people have already reserved a place for themself so the availability depends on that too.

How is current covid crisis affecting the courses? The spread of the virus is allegedly under control in CR and life is slowly getting to normal. Standard plan is to gather normaly at the class. I will provide desinfection and all the hygiene that is needed. You just need to show up with a face mask. The need for facemasks should last to the end of May, as I government claims. If the situation worsenes and it would be dangerous to meet in person, we will switch to online course. I have done that recently with previous courses and it worked just fine.

How do you handle the billing? You have two options of paying the tuition fee. You can pay each month separatly or you can pay the whole course at once, that way you get a discount (600 Kč in case of A1 bílá, modrá, červená). You will get your first bill after our very first lecture, that way you see how the class is being held and pay after you try it. If you choose paying the whole course, you get just one bill. If you choose to pay each month separatly, you get a new bill each 4 weeks. All transactions are done via bank transfer.

How challenging are the courses? The standard 3 month course is quite intensive but there is also enough time for you to practice on your own. I provide you with many exercises and homeworks and feedback, so you can practice as much as you can and need. The course A1 bílá is slower and generaly more benevolent. If you have busy schedule, kids or anything else that is very time-consuming, choose this one.

What language is used during class? The aim is to make you speak as much as possible in Czech, as not everyone has the option to speak a lot with natives. But when it is needed (difficult grammar explanation) English can be used. More you speak and listen to Czech, more you learn and better you become.

How to enrol? You can use Facebook, email or just call my cellphone to reserve a spot. You can see all these contact information at Main page.

Do you provide further education? I don't have an exam to pass. / I want to continue after A1. When A1 courses end there will be a long time course following. This course will get you as far as you wish. After aproximately half a year or one year you'll be fluent in Czech. This following course will also be accompanied by special conversational club, later by reading club. So there is much more to learn after A1 is done.